How I See a Relationship


Feeling it’s just not enough

I have strong believe if in a relationship, feeling it’s just not enough. Why? Because feeling without knowing your worth will never works out. You have to love Yourself first before You love someone else.

The question is, how to love yourself? The easiest but not that easy way are You have to know Your perfect and imperfection, forgive whatever You’ve done at past, accept Your flaws and really understand what do You need, want and know how to achieve it.

Spend your time alone, learn slowly about yourself, curate your dreams, challenge yourself for something you’ve never done before. Aftherthat, You’ll know your worth, and you have strong characteristic about yourself.

So when You smitten by someone as You have seen the green bird, You’ll be sure of it because You are sure about Yourself.

On the other than that, I disagree if We have responsibility for our spouse happiness. Because for Me, just because We have a relationship with someone It doesn’t mean We have to make He/She happy. Who can make anyone else happy? It should be each other’s responsibility. The best thing that We can do is to be not in the way of others dream.

Speak Up doesn’t seems Agressive

I live in a society who see if a woman speak up for something seems agressive. For example, If someone approach me and I have interest in him but I feel the situation doesn’t take us anywhere, I’d rather than waiting for He makes first move, I’ll make confirmation about His intention and if there’s only wasting of time then We should over it.

But again, in our society a woman who “speak” too much seems agressive. Then, no wonder so many woman wasting their time only by waiting to be approached. 

Well, If You a type of a girl who likes to waiting for someone and You don’t have any problem with that, go for it. But Honey If it were Me, I’ll never do that. I don’t like My time being wasted for someone who doesn’t worth to wait.

“What If?” A Big No No

Well, life is getting harder day by day. Don’t make it more complicated by adding drama. As simple as a well-known jokes in our society, when a man ask his partner where do they wanna eat and the girl only answer “Up to you” without giving any idea.

Then after a man choose a one place to eat, the girl feel unhappy because her partner doesn’t understand what she want.

How do You know Your partner understand what You want and what You feel when You never speak for it? Your partner isn’t a mind-reader, Say what You wanna say. Keep in mind, to make a relationship works out it takes two tango; Takes two people to make some things work.

To be frank, not only based on from my past but also from my friend’s story. Most of the regrets come out from those unsaid words. So many things that We want to say but We don’t have any courage for it or maybe because of Our ego. Then when everythings it’s over, We only questioning ourself by “What if?”

So I learn a lot from it until comes to a conclusion if I don’t wanna when I grow old, sitting in a front porch and I say “What if?”.

And here I’m now, become a type of a person that will never say “What if?” in my whole entire life. So there is nothing to regret because I’m being truthful for what I want and what I feel.

Someone You Can Handle

Keep in mind that We’re only human who has so many flaws here and there.

But in the end You’ll choose the imperfections of someone to perfects You perfectly. If the point of the journey is about how both of You Works out each other for any kind of purposes, so at least look for someone who You think that You can work together with; Or to be a good team 

I believe, however far it is You can do it together, for more and less.

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